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Providing transcripts in a variety of formats to accommodate our clients’ specific litigation management software needs is standard at SBR.  After all, we understand that a paralegal may need an E-Tran file to view on her iPad, while an associate prefers a PDF to view on his laptop; one may want the full-sized transcript with hyperlinked exhibits and the other simply a condensed transcript.

No problem, it’s what we do!  We deliver what you need, when you need it, in the delivery method of your choice – hard copy, on CD, a quick email with attachment/s, 24/7 access to our secure, password-protected online repository, or all of the above!

“Delivering what you need
when you need it!”

Below is a summary listing of what we refer to as our Transcript 101 services/products:

Complimentary Condensed Transcript
Complimentary Word Indices
Electronic Transcripts and Exhibits on CD

  • Provided in formats easily imported into all popular litigation support software programs 
  • ASCII, E-Tran, PDF, XMEF-TextMap, PCF, Amicus, LEF, XML, Summation, Sanction, and more 
  • Publisher Bundles and E-Tran Bundle Disks 
  • Full-sized and/or Condensed Transcript Formats 
  • Hyperlinked Keyword Indices 
  • Hyperlinked Exhibits-to-Transcript Text 
  • Synchronized Video-to-Transcript Text 
  • Verified Digital Signatures for eFilings 
  • All Exhibits scanned to PDF and Searchable 
  • Standard Delivery – 7-10 Business Days 
  • Daily and Expedite Specialists