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Offering LiveDeposition Text, Audio & Video Streaming


LiveDeposition allows entire legal teams involved in cases to participate remotely in a deposition and/or arbitration easily with just an Internet connection, Browser and Adobe Flash®Player. Simply use your webcam-equipped laptop or computer if you wish to be seen in the actual conference room. Unnecessary travel time and expenses are eliminated by enabling the extended case team, clients and experts to attend online. It is the most cost-effective way to fully participate in a deposition and/or arbitration remotely. View the live realtime transcript as a witness is deposed, listen to and observe the demeanor of the witness through the audio and video feeds, and privately and securely chat with an associate or expert in another locale. The convenience, power and savings are tremendous.

Below is a listing of some of LiveDeposition’s valuable benefits:

  • Save the Cost and Inconvenience of Travel
  • No software downloads or costly calling charges
  • All you need is an Internet connection, Web Browser, and Adobe Flash®Player
  • Works on multiple Browsers, including IE, Firefox,Google Chrome or Safari
  • PC and Mac compatibility
  • Video (webcam or camera) broadcast with No Delay
  • Streaming Transcript and Video
    • Use your preferred Realtime Software Program to receive Feeds
  • Two modes: Interactive or Monitor Only (i.e. Clients)
  • Private and Group Chat functionality
    • receiving instant feedback from team members
  • Keyword searches and reports
  • Remote Exhibit presentation
  • Audio – built-in VoIP or speakerphone or Videographer

No software downloads or costly calling charges