Welcome to Sheri Bell Reporting in Southern California

SBR is an independently owned and operated full-service court reporting agency headquartered in Orange County, California.  With 30 years of experience in the court reporting business, we believe in building long-standing relationships with our clients by consistently providing an unmatched level of personal attention and superior service.

Offering best-in-class technology services and products, and the expertise to deploy them properly, our experienced, technically-trained reporters and videographers routinely handle same-day rough drafts, dailies, expedites, interactive realtime connections, and Internet streaming.

Committed to providing an unparalleled level of quality services tailored to meet each of our client’s specific requirements, at SBR we offer virtually an unlimited list of services and products, deploying the latest tools and technology in each service area, with the goal of helping our clients improve productivity, enhance communications and strengthen case management.

With one call, click or email, SBR can provide professional, experienced court reporters and videographers in Southern California … and beyond.

Providing transcripts in a variety of formats to accommodate our clients’ specific litigation management software needs is standard at SBR.  We deliver what you need, when you need it, in the delivery method of your choice – hard copy, on CD, email, 24/7 access to our secure, password-protected online repository, or all of the above!
Simply request and receive same-day rough draft electronic transcripts via email in your preferred formats, allowing for review of testimony immediately, aiding in preparation for next-day or upcoming depositions. 
At SBR, we provide realtime court reporting compatible with all leading RT software.  Legal professionals can access testimony instantaneously on their laptops or iPads, streamlining their preparation for next-day or upcoming depositions, create quick marks, annotate text, code issues, perform complex word searches, run reports, and much more. 
No need to be sitting in the actual room any longer to participate in the proceeding.  With the advent of Internet live text, audio and video streaming, attendees can now be scattered across the country participating remotely via a secure, encrypted connection from their home office, without incurring the time and expense of travel.
Exhibits are imaged and converted into a file that creates hyperlinks between each exhibit mention within the electronic transcript and the imaged exhibit.  Hyperlinks to the exhibits are embedded into the electronic transcript so that any exhibit can be instantly viewed with a simple click on the link from anywhere any time, provided in your format choice to allow for easy importation into all types of litigation support software.
At SBR, all digital video depositions and arbitrations can be synched to the transcript, creating a searchable electronic transcript and video for the legal professional, along with the ability to easily create “clips” for use at trial.  SBR provides the synchronized file in a variety of formats easily imported into all popular case management and presentation software programs, as well as a stand-alone program.
Increasingly, our clients turn to videography to record evidence for trial, as it preserves the testimony, illustrates witness demeanor, and potentially reduces costs by eliminating in-person testimony at trial.  Our experienced video service experts have the technical expertise and professional knowledge required for a legal setting, consistently delivering a quality product in your preferred format. 
Offering LiveDeposition Text, Audio & Video Streaming.  LiveDeposition allows entire legal teams involved in cases to participate remotely in a deposition, an arbitration, or any other type of meeting and/or conference easily with just an Internet connection, Browser and Adobe FlashPlayer.  Unnecessary travel time and expenses are eliminated by enabling the extended case team, clients and experts to attend online. 
24/7 access to vital case management information with just a keystroke through SBR’s Complimentary Online Repository any time from anywhere.  Secure, password-protected, and user-friendly, simply log on and have instant access to transcripts in a multitude of formats, exhibits, video, calendaring and client account activity.  Access is available from any computer, iPad or mobile device.  All that is needed is Internet Access, a Username and Password.
Need the audio and/or video recording of an arbitration, hearing or any other type of proceeding transcribed?  At SBR our experienced Certified Shorthand Reporters transcribe and certify the accuracy of the transcription in most cases, reviewing case-specific documentation in advance to familiarize ourselves with the subject matter of the proceeding, unique case terminology, and much more, delivering an accurate transcription in your preferred formats and delivery method.
We have long-standing relationships with several of the most professional firms in the industry, offering qualified and/or certified interpreters who are skilled in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, and are happy to schedule an interpreter for whatever duration and language you may require.
Providing clients with an unmatched level of personal attention and responsiveness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… At SBR we understand the pressures, stresses and demands placed on our clients in the litigation world day in and day out, that frequently the legal professional needs everything not tomorrow but yesterday, that cases don’t rest in the evenings nor on the weekends.  Neither do we! Our clients have 24/7 access to our staff and can trust that we will always go above and beyond to meet all of their demands!
With one call, click or email, SBR can schedule and coordinate all of your out-of-state depositions and arbitrations across the U.S. We either cover the assignment ourselves or work with a quality agency within our established network of  firms, ensuring that you, the client, will receive quality transcripts, along with continuity in format, billing, preferred delivery methods, and all other specific litigation support services you are accustomed to. One point of contact… Streamlining all aspects of your Deposition Coordination from Start to Finish