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RealLegal E-Transcripts & Publisher Bundlesthomson_reuters

The Proprietary Format Designed For Law Firms

RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide. E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of tamperproof digital signatures.

Other providers offer electronic files, but only RealLegal has the proprietary E-Transcript that makes managing transcript files easy, secure, and more efficient for court reporters and law firms alike.

Best of all, E-Transcript enhances the use of Westlaw Case Notebook* that many firms use for transcript management and case analysis.

Locate key information quickly and easily

E-Transcript saves valuable time by making it easy to locate key information. You can search and navigate all you want without worrying about changing page and line integrity.

  • Linked word index displays all page/line references 
  • Mouseover feature displays words in context 
  • Click on a reference to jump to the occurrence 
  • Search for a word by typing into the word index search field

Use it the way you want with secure, flexible features

With E-Transcript, security doesn’t mean less flexibility! You can custom format your file and use it the way you want. Digital signatures allow for verification – simply click on a signature to confirm authenticity.

  • Copy and paste excerpts with page/line or citations in place 
  • Print a file direct from viewer in a variety of formats 
  • Save to ASCII or other formats you choose 
  • Use with free iPad/iPhone viewer for mobile viewing, searching or annotating

Works with Westlaw Case Notebook

Westlaw Case Notebook is a centralized, electronic case file that allows users to enter and share key facts, insights, documents, evidence, legal research, and more. E-Transcript works with Case Notebook to maximize efficiency and productivity in your workflow.

  • Quickly import E-Transcript files into Case Notebook
  • Digital signatures carry through to Case Notebook for continued verification
  • E-Transcript files are placed into Case Notebook “Transcripts” folder for easier navigation
  • Subfolders are added below file for access to annotations or exhibit links
  • E-transcript format ensures that files can be easily searched along with related case documents
  • E-Transcript files can be saved out of Case Notebook into a variety of formats

Ask For Publisher Bundles – Enhanced E-Transcript Files!

RealLegal Publisher Bundles are compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook* and other major litigation support and trial presentation products. Publisher Bundles include related transcripts, hyperlinked searchable exhibits, and synchronized video.

Bundles can be easily imported into Case Notebook, bringing all included data into the software with one import.

Why ask for Publisher Bundles?

  • FREE, portable built-in bundle viewer – no Internet connections required
  • Choose your delivery – CD, repository, email, or large file delivery tool
  • View your E-Transcript files and exhibits in one intuitive bundle
  • Search everything in bundles quickly and easily with word index searching
  • Watch video with synchronized deposition text to view witness demeanor
  • Create and export video/text clips for trial presentation applications
  • Save bundle into a variety of formats used for litigation, including LEF
  • Add the entire bundle to Case Notebook in one quick import for in-depth review
  • Save individual transcript or exhibit files out of a bundle for further use
* If you are not a Case Notebook customer, all you need is the free bundle viewer to view a Publisher Bundle in any case analysis software.