Westlaw Case Notebook Compatibility

Our realtime services and final deliverables maximize your investment in Westlaw Case Notebook or other case management software. Receive realtime transcripts right in your software, and import Publisher Bundle™ with transcripts, hyperlinked exhibits, and synchronized video.

For the ultimate convenience of all our clients, we can provide deliverables in other formats as well.

Realtime Transcripts and Video

We offer realtime transcript text and deposition video via West LiveNote Stream technology. You won’t need any special software to receive the realtime feed on your laptop. However, if you’re a Westlaw Case Notebook user, you can view the live text and video right in your software and walk away from the deposition with a rough transcript.


LiveNote Stream

The purple dotted lines indicate how LiveNote Stream connects on-site and off-site team members to the same live event.

At each connection point, we can provide:

  • Realtime transcript text
  • Private instant messaging
  • Live video of the deponent