RealLegal Publisher Bundles

Exhibits Linked and Video Synced

West Publisher bundles contain one or more transcripts and one or more exhibits that SBR can deliver as a “bundle” to our clients. The legal professional can then display transcripts and exhibits in a free viewer – or import them directly to Westlaw Case Notebook.

Hyperlinks make it easy for clients to navigate between transcripts and exhibits. SBR can add video-text synchronization, allowing clients to watch the deposition video as the corresponding text scrolls by – something our clients have come to really value!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes exhibits searchable for clients. You can save West Publisher bundles in formats compatible with multiple versions of LiveNote, as well as with other case management software.

Ask us for a West Publisher bundle
or LEF file to get a transcript with linked exhibits and video

The simple import of a PTZ file is all you need to populate Westlaw Case Notebook, or any other case management software, with all related transcripts, linked exhibits, and video.